Robbing For Tickets

The lengths most fans would go to see their favorite acts were topped when two women in Memphis, Tenn., robbed a man at gunpoint to get cash for tickets to a Young Jeezy show.

James Sneed, a 72-year-old landlord, told police that while he was recently showing a vacant apartment to a pair of female applicants, one woman pulled out a gun and said, “We didn’t come here to look at no apartment. We came here to rob you,” he told local WHBQ News.

Photo: Joey Foley
Street Dreamz Tour, Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis.

Brianna Smith and Corneatha Culbreath reportedly made Sneed take off his pants and that’s when the feisty old man started to fight back.

“I hit her upside her head with my open hand, upside her face good, hit her hard too,” Sneed told the station. “The other one I hit was telling her to shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, she said it three times, then she said, ‘We got to get out of here.’ They left and went out the back door.”

The women took nearly $500 from Sneed, but dropped $200 during the fight.

After police received a tip and arrested Smith and Culbreath, the women admitted they needed the money for tickets to the rap concert, Detective Pam Ford told WHBQ.

“From the beginning, I thought these were guys dressed up like women,” Ford said. “That was the first thing that came to my head.”

The pair was charged with aggravated robbery, police said, and will remain in jail until their upcoming January court date.