The church was founded by William Pritts, who held concerts on his 147-acre spread about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh beginning in 2002.

County officials say Pritts charged admission and didn’t claim to be a church until questions about his plans to build an amphitheatre and other problems arose. A county judge banned the concerts in 2005, claiming zoning rule violations and complaints from neighbors about traffic and noise.

Pritts filed his complaint in 2006 seeking $1 million, arguing the concert ban violates his religious freedom.

But Marie Millie Jones, the county’s attorney, argues Pritts’ goal was to hold concerts, not religious services.

Jones wants to enter into evidence a 2003 “Daily Show” segment, where Pritts is interviewed by Ed Helms. In it, the group’s founder says, “God never said you can’t party on.”

Helms also asks Pritts about the church’s policy on “bogarting.”

“Bogarting a joint? Uh, it’s kinda rude not to share,” Pritts responds.


The church’s attorney wants the four-minute segment thrown out, claiming it is edited for laughs, unfair and irrelevant.

“I’m not hiding the fact that it was the Jon Stewart show,” Jones said. “I would hope the jury would get enough information in the case, including the video, in order to conclude that my clients did not violate the rights of the plaintiff.”

The trial is expected to begin Feb. 23.