Benevento / Russo needs no explanation to festivalgoers. The keyboard/percussion duo packs fans into tents and mainstages at places like . Only 320 of them will be able to fit inside Yoshi’s, a staple for cool jazz experiences on the West Coast.

And this is pretty cool. Benevento will perform each Tuesday, from Feb. 3 to Feb. 24, with special guests like Bill Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood) and Jeff Parker (Tortoise). Meanwhile, Benevento traverses the West Coast, playing Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Cottage Grove Ore., among other places, all the while returning to Oakland for his Tuesday night gig.

Then, on the last night, Benevento, Russo, saxophonist Peter Apfelbaum and trombonist Josh Roseman perform “Quartet The Killer,” a musical interpretation of Neil Young’s catalog.

Benevento will soon drop Me Not Me, which interprets music by Deerhoof, Leonard Cohen, George Harrison and My Morning Jacket, among others.