Opening Taiwan

The Taiwanese Information Department announced in late December that artists from mainland China will soon be able to record music, perform commercially and hold concerts in Taiwan.

Artists will also be able to apply for residency in Taiwan. Previously, mainland singers and musicians were barred from making money in Taiwan.

The new rules follow the conclusion of agreements between China and Taiwan in November that expand direct transportation and postal links, improve communications and bolster food safety issues between the two countries.

China already allows singers and actors from Taiwan to work on its soil, so the announcement is seen as a reciprocal gesture.

Several Taiwanese concert promoters anticipated the announcement and have already signed mainland artists to presentation deals.

Taiwan is considered the most advanced music market for Chinese-language performers in Asia because it has been in the business longer than any other country in the region.

It is also one of the richest, which means Chinese artists can see a considerable boost in their incomes.