Razorlight has had its share of success in the United Kingdom. Fronted by Johnny Borrell, a man known for his self-confidence, to put it delicately, the band has toured with U2, The Who, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Oasis, The Rolling Stones and plenty of other British royalty. Borrell has received his share of media attention and was named one of British GQ’s men of the year in 2007.

Stateside, they’re still developing but, come March, they’ll release Slipway Fires as a new signing to Mercury Records. This, according to their press release, coincides with “a major North American tour schedule.”

The tour dates? The Troubadour in Los Angeles Feb. 3, Salon 21 in Mexico City Feb. 7 and The Fillmore in New York Feb. 10.

That’s it for now at least. Here’s hoping the boys didn’t swim all this way for visits to the two coasts.