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Bret Michaels, Jennifer Hudson, Take That and promoters vs tough times in News. John Legend, “Dancing With The Stars,” Babyshambles with Roger Daltrey and James Hunter with Ryan Shaw in Views.

News …

Chicago-area promoters and the economy – “We’re an escape for people in tough times” – The Chicago Tribune / Turn It Up

Jennifer Hudson to sing National Anthem at Super Bowl – Reuters

Photo: AP Photo
Academy Awards, Kodak Theatre, Hollywood.

Bret Michaels does the Q&A of Love – CNN

Brit teenagers vote Take That “coolest band in history” – The Mirror U.K.

Views …

James Hunter and Ryan Shaw in Alexandria, Virginia – “The sixties might have been a century ago, but somehow, the 46-year-old Hunter and the 28-year-old Shaw remember them vividly and fondly.” – The Washington Post / Post Rock

John Legend in Los Angeles – “To his credit, Legend affects a winsome affability on-stage and knows his role, winking at the audience, ‘I’m just here to set things off for y’all.'” – Los Angeles Times / Pop & Hiss

“Dancing With The Stars” in Toronto – “The show featured more than 30 dances which provided a lot of bang for the audience’s buck.” – National Post

Babyshambles with Roger Daltrey in England – “They look an odd couple, with the gangling Doherty towering over the petite Daltrey, but their musical union makes perfect sense.” – The Guardian U.K.

They Say It’s Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart is 68
Lisa Lisa is 42

Photo: AP Photo
Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theatre, Florida.

Pitbull is 28