Recession Boost For Mid-Sized Arenas

The credit crunch could be an unexpected boost for mid-sized arenas, according to Scott Martin of Glasgow’s Braehead Arena.

Martin, manager of the 5,000-plus-capacity venue, said he believes the economic downturn may mean promoters find it hard to fill 10,000-seat venues.

“Everyone knows the credit crunch means that people aren’t going to concerts as much and bands aren’t selling out huge venues like they used to,” Martin explained. “But places like Braehead Arena with its 5,200 audience capacity are an ideal size for a sellout gig that creates a fantastic atmosphere.”

Although ticket revenue may not be as much as from filling a large venue, mid-sized venues mean mid-sized costs and the profit for the promoter is still there.

He also mentioned arena’s neighbouring attractions, as it’s part of a shopping and leisure complex that has 6,500 free parking spaces and a host of cafes, bars and restaurants.