Kelly Reloads, Allegedly Pops One

What music news could possibly take up media space a day before the Inauguration? Why, it’s news about Kelly Osbourne getting arrested, of course. And it ain’t even new.

Osbourne turned herself over to a London police station Jan. 2 for allegedly slapping a journalist last August, reports People. Osbourne’s boyfriend, Luke Worrall, is a model who, according to gossip columnist Zoe Griffin, once had to ask how earthquakes occurred.

Photo: Robb D. Cohen /
Daddy’s girl Kelly Osbourne brings her generation of rock to Atlanta’s Eleven 50 club.

Osbourne apparently took umbrage and confronted Griffin at Punk nightclub in August.

“I have an issue with you,” Osbourne said, according to an article Griffin wrote at the time for The Mirror. “My boyfriend knows what an earthquake is and everyone has been laughing at him and he’s upset.”

Then, whoomp! Osbourne allegedly slapped Worrall on the cheek. The horror, the horror.

“I can confirm that a 24-year-old woman attended a central London police station by appointment at 3 p.m. on Jan. 2,” a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said in a statement. “She was arrested for common assault relating to an alleged incident in Soho in the early hours of 29th August 2008. She was bailed to attend a central London police station on a date in March.”

No comment from the Osbourne clan.