Vegas Arena In Question

Things are tough all over Las Vegas, and debate has arisen as to whether AEG and Harrah’s will build a promised arena in the city.

Harrah’s recently delayed a billion-dollar hotel tower at Caesars and talk has turned to an arena Harrah’s and AEG were supposed to break ground on last June.

“I wouldn’t imagine a shovel will be put in the ground for that arena for several years, frankly,” Deutsche Bank Gaming Analyst Bill Lerner told KLAS-TV News. “I’ll eat my shoe in the lobby of KLAS if that thing’s open in 2010.”

AEG has apparently not submitted a traffic study for the busy intersection of Koval and Flamingo, according to KLAS. The arena was reportedly hailed as a marvel of planning and success when it was announced in August 2007.

Now, “[AEG] won’t talk and neither will Harrah’s,” the television station reported.

Pollstar had better luck.

“Our deal is still in progress and we are hopeful of finalizing several components that will allow us to set a more accurate timetable,” AEG spokesman Michael Roth said.