Miami’s Fine Mesh

The virtually transparent Mediamesh system is a high-grade, woven stainless steel mesh that can be secured to any shape of building or structure – even wrapped around corners. Attached are linear tubes filled with LED nodes that provide “pixels” for a large-format display.

When the screen is off, it blends in with the existing building façade. Because the screen is up to 70 percent transparent, views from the inside aren’t obstructed. But when it’s on, images move across the screen in high-pixel resolution, according to A2aMedia, which the venue and the Miami Heat basketball franchise selected to design the Mediamesh system.

“The new LED Spectacular will provide the official sponsors of the Miami Heat, American- Airlines Arena and the events taking place at the arena with an innovative sponsorship platform and serve as a way to establish a more interactive relationship between the arena and the people and tourists of South Florida,” said Heat group business operations president Eric Woolworth in a statement.

The Heat plans to attach the mesh system, which will serve as the venue’s marquee, on the arena’s front exterior, according to Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal. The mesh grid will be installed over 12 arena windowpanes but won’t obstruct views.

The Heat’s marketing staff will design and sell ad content, but the system is so new that the NBA team’s staff is reportedly still learning how to use and price it, according to Street & Smith’s.

But even though they haven’t quite mastered those pesky details, the Heat reports high interest from the team’s sponsors and promotional partners. In the meantime, the Heat expects to offer the outdoor inventory first to its current sponsors, on the condition they also buy indoor signage.

The Heat’s new Mediamesh hasn’t been officially unveiled, but it’s generating interest not just from potential sponsors but from other venues as well. The Orlando Magic is reportedly considering using the technology when its new arena opens next year.