Kid Rock Fake Ticket Stock Blocked

A Florida promoter who claimed he was bringing Kid Rock to Ocala was arrested Jan. 29 and charged with fraud.

Mike Myers was caught in a police sting when an undercover officer met him at a Starbucks and offered to buy six Montgomery Gentry tickets. This came after the Ocala Star-Banner ran a story that Myers may be falsely representing he had shows for sale.

Myers allegedly had Montgomery Gentry and Kid Rock coming to the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, but representatives from Parallel Entertainment and CAA told local authorities the artists did not have gigs in the area, according to the Star-Banner.

Ocala Police Detective Wayne Greene reportedly charged Myers with organized fraud and unlawful use of a two-way communication device. Myers sold the allegedly bogus tickets at a nightclub as well as over the phone through his company, The King and I Productions.

“We haven’t defrauded anyone,” Myers, who performs at local venues as an Elvis impersonator, told the paper as he exited jail. “We will make a statement in the future. We want to make sure everything is taken care of.”

No contract for Kid Rock was ever signed, according to police, but Myers sold tickets for three months. Montgomery Gentry was a similar story, police said.