Rock Star Sanctuary

Nightclub owner Mark Fuller and Iron Maiden’s management are opening a new 30-room hotel in London that aims to be “a sanctuary for rock stars.”

The £6.5 million ($9.8 million) Sanctum Soho Hotel is also said to have “paparazzi-busting security operatives,” receptionists clad entirely in black and mini-bars built in to speaker cabinets.

The Warwick Street building is also said to feature all the lifestyle essentials any hell-raiser could want any time of day or night, including a 24-hour bar and a basement cinema. An al fresco hot tub on the roof is also in the works, according to The Times.

“The desk clerk will definitely be dressed in black just as in Elvis’s Heartbreak Hotel,” Iron Maiden co-manager Andy Taylor told the Times. “It will be a fairly elite environment. The bar will be open for 24 hours to cater for bands who come off stage at venues such as the O2 at 11 p.m. or midnight.”

Rates will vary between £150 per night for a “crash room” to £260 for more deluxe accommodation, such as rooms with names like Purple Haze and Naked Baroque. The so-called Naked Luxe suites are £500 per night, the Times said.

“It’s not a hotel for throwing televisions out of the window. It’s going to be a sexy hotel,” said publicist Ben Groom.

The BBC has filmed a three-part documentary on The Sanctum’s development, detailing how it changed from an office block previously owned by the late Paul Raymond, to “the last word in rock ’n’ roll chic.”

The Sanctum Soho is expected to open before April.