The trek begins south of the border with a May 8 show at Lunario in Mexico City and includes a stop at Guadalajara’s Festival de Mayo, followed by four Stateside gigs with San Francisco art-rockers Deerhoof.

Cornelius’ sojourn comes on the heels of his Grammy nomination for the DVD “Sensurround + B-Sides,” which features a 5.1 surround sound audio mix of each video from the critically acclaimed 2007 album Sensuous.

The musician first became known with 1997’s Fantasma, which introduced the world to his freeform multimedia aesthetic and playful sense of humor.

Cornelius, who chose his pseudonym as a tribute to the character in “Planet of the Apes,” has since collaborated with artists as varied as The Flaming Lips, James Brown, Blur, Merzbow, The Yellow Magic Orchestra and Beck, to whom he’s often compared musically.

Here’s the eye-catching video for the track “Omstart” from Sensuous.