Delay In Chris Brown Case

Don’t expect Chris Brown to be charged with anything this week. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has requested police provide more information on the reported fight between the R&B singer and his girlfriend Rihanna.

The Chris Brown saga started Grammy night when the singer, along with Rihanna, notified the awards folks that neither would appear on the program. Later that night, while the Grammy Awards were being handed out at the Staples Center, Brown made an appearance at a police station.

When first reported on Sunday evening, word was Brown went to the police station as part of an investigation into a felony battery that allegedly occurred the previous night involving an unidentified woman. Brown was released on $50,000 bail, and midway through Monday various media outlets reported the unidentified woman was Rihanna.

Since then, the gossip sites have been working overtime. Reports of radio stations dropping Brown from playlists, anonymous sources claiming Brown punched Rihanna and even more anonymous sources claiming he broke her nose and/or jaw.

A fake photograph also circulated on the Web – a pre-Saturday night pic of Rihanna Photoshopped to make her look bruised and battered.

Plus there’s been plenty of observations from so-called entertainment industry experts claiming Brown’s career is over, as exemplified by an E! Online article titled “Is Chris Brown’s Career Totally Doomed?”

Meanwhile, Wrigley pulled its gum ads featuring Brown as a spokesman, and Rihanna canceled shows scheduled to take place Pacific Rim countries.

And now it looks as if the district attorney won’t be filing any charges this week, which leaves the entire story up in the air for the approaching weekend.

However, there is one positive note Brown and Rihanna can both take comfort in – both performers are up for NAACP Image Awards, which take place tonight at L.A’s Shrine Auditorium and will also air on Fox.

Since all votes were presumably counted before Sunday night’s incident, Brown may very well pick up his second Image Award tonight. He won his first last year for outstanding male artist.

Just goes to show a lot can happen in a year.