Ford Park Gets Spruced Up

Jefferson County commissioners gave the thumbs up to $282,697 in work on the Ford Pavilion, which is part of the county-owned Ford Park entertainment complex in Beaumont, Texas.

Contractors are now rushing to complete projects, which involve custom orders, before the amphitheatre’s largest event, the two-week YMBL South Texas State Fair, kicks off March 26, according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

The complex is still in need of repairs from wind and water damage after Hurricane Ike hit southeast Texas in mid-September. Total repairs to the complex have cost $536,805.

While Ford Arena and the exhibition hall were quickly back in business after suffering damaged sections of roof, carpet and Sheetrock walls, Ford Pavilion is still waiting on repairs to broken lights and hundreds of seats.

Water ruined 403 of the 14,000 seats in the shed’s lowest seating area and high winds and windblown debris left 30 lights broken and the main stage with pieces of stucco ripped off the sides, according to the Enterprise.

Lighting repairs will cost $76,125 and seats will cost $67,092.

The county has begun to make repairs on the venue itself because it’s still waiting on aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The county has met numerous times with FEMA and its two insurers but so far has received no payments. Although the county expects to be reimbursed for the majority of repairs, they were stalled because each contract has to be submitted to FEMA in order to possibly receive aid.

While the pavilion prepares for the fair, upcoming shows at the Ford Park Arena include Jeff Dunham and Bill Gaither & Friends.