Leach Looks Forward

The city parks department in Oshkosh, Wis., is setting goals for Leach Amphitheatre after taking over facility management from PMI following multiple seasons in the red.

Oshkosh officials often pointed the finger at PMI for failing to turn a profit at the venue during the company’s three-year tenure but, to be fair, officials also reportedly wondered why PMI was unable to book Roger Waters to play the city of 63,000.
Good thing parks director Tom Stephany has a plan.

Stephany told the local Northwestern he’s hoping for a break-even season or to turn a small profit that could go toward maintenance and improvements at the venue. To achieve his goals, he’s developing a new concert series that could bring in a more diverse lineup of events including gospel festivals and kids’ shows.

“One of the criticisms from the community and the [Oshkosh Common] council seemed to be that PMI did not involve the local community as much as they could have,” Stephany said. “That’s my focus right now as I’m working on getting things lined up for this year. I want to do a community-based performance series.”

Stephany noted he’s also received calls about hosting jazz and Irish performances, weddings and a health fair at the venue.
Besides Stephany’s bookings, an annual summer concert series, Waterfest, is expected to return.