INXS Reunites With Murphy

INXS has reunited with manager Chris Murphy, who in the ’80s drove the band to international success with hits including “What You Need” and “Original Sin.”

Murphy left after the 1997 death of singer Michael Hutchence and moved into radio ownership and digital assets. After working with four managers in the interim, it has been revealed that INXS signed last December with Murphy’s record label Petrol.

When INXS’s most recent singer, JD Fortune, recently told Canadian TV he’d been sacked at a Hong Kong airport and left homeless, it was Murphy who issued a media release that the band was “shocked” at the allegations.

Murphy’s new title with INXS is creative director and global business strategist.

He said the band is to embark on “a very big recording project,” its biggest since 1987’s Kick.