Provincial Promoter Can’t Talk Concert

A Canadian promoter who was loaned $500,000 by the provincial government of Prince Edward Island for a failed concert last September says a non-disclosure agreement is keeping him from talking about the flub.

Tourism Minister Valerie Docherty, who was taken to task over the news that her department made the loan for the Alanis Morissette concert, recently told a public accounts committee that promoter David Christian took the money and walked away from the show a week out, according to CBC News.

Two staffers on Christian’s management team reportedly stepped in to run things, but the show still proved to be a bust, with roughly 3,000 concertgoers in attendance.
Christian contends there’s another side to the story but says a non-disclosure agreement has kept him from speaking up, the CBC reported.

“If I violate my agreement, I’m probably going to be sued. I’m a family man. I can’t really afford to take that chance,” he said. “I certainly don’t feel I have anything to hide. I’m not able to address it. I’ll just have to roll with it.”

The promoter told the CBC he’d speak in front of the accounts committee if asked. However, unless the other parties in the non-disclosure give him the green light, he won’t be able to discuss the concert mishap.