On March 9 Jay Leno announced on “The Tonight Show” that he would present a free show on April 7 for Detroit’s unemployed autoworkers. Saying it’s on the “honor system,” Leno told his audience anyone who wants to forget their troubles for a night is welcome.

But the show is at The Palace of Auburn Hills, which isn’t exactly in the  Detroit metro area.  Instead, Auburn Hills, Mich., is over 30 miles from downtown Motown.

One person that’s a little perturbed is Detroit City councilwoman Martha Reeves. Yes, that Martha Reeves, leader of the Vandellas.

Reeves questioned why Leno chose The Palace over venues within the city limits, such as Ford Field where the Detroit Lions football team plays.

What’s more, Council President Monica Conyers, who, as far as we know has never been in a vocal group, agreed with Reeves and asked if she would call Leno’s people about the non-Detroit choice of venue, according to The Detroit News.

Where do I call?,” Reeves asked her colleagues. “I don’t have his number.”

“He’ll take your call, you are Martha Reeves,” Conyers replied.

So far the venue is still The Palace of Auburn Hills, and it is not known if Reeves actually reached someone at “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

How did Leno pick The Palace in the first place? Simple. He asked a few friends and they said, “Oh, The Palace is pretty good, where the Pistons go,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

“It’s just a matter of it was the first phone call I made and they said yes,” said Leno. “If they hadn’t done it, I would have picked somewhere else.”

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