But this isn’t any old DWI charge. With a buzzed Navaira at the wheel, the tour bus slammed into traffic barrels early one Sunday morning last March while on an interstate in the Houston area. Eight passengers, including Navaira, were injured in the crash. Furthermore, Navaira, who was thrown through the windshield, was in critical condition for several days after the accident and underwent two brain surgeries as well as an operation to repair an aneurysm in his right lung.

Adding lawsuit to injury, two of Navaira’s bandmates filed lawsuits against him over the accident. Plus, the singer lost part of his skull and has to wear protective headgear.

Under the terms of Navaira’s DWI guilty plea the singer will spend 30 days in custody – Three in the Harris County lockup and 27 under house arrest. The performer will also have to pay a $4,000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service in the form of speeches at schools about the dangers of drinking and driving. He will make anti-drunk driving public service announcements, must refrain from drinking any alcohol for two years, and will be subject to random urine tests. Violating any terms of the plea-bargain could result in a year in jail.

Kids, don’t try this at home. Driving a tour bus is dangerous enough sober but can turn into a deadly ride after you’ve had a few. When you grow up to be a rich and successful, Grammy-winning singer, it’s best to hire a professional driver to helm your bus. Just ask Emilio.