More X Japan Snags

The much-anticipated and already troubled reunion of X Japan hit another snag last week.

After putting off its world tour last fall for logistical reasons, the band was set to play two sold-out shows in Seoul March 21-22, but the concerts were suddenly “postponed” March 12.

The band also announced the postponement of two shows in early May at Tokyo Dome. The announcement came two days before tickets were supposed to go on sale for the Dome shows.

Japanese newspapers reported that the postponements are related to problems between bassist HEATH and his agency. He wants to leave the agency and go out on his own.

Other media claim that this agency and the management committee in charge of the upcoming concerts have had some sort of falling out.

The committee was formed to expressly handle the group’s reunion activities because each band member has been with a different agency since X Japan broke up in 1997.

HEATH, it should be noted, was not an original member of the band but was invited to join by the group’s guitarist, Hide, who committed suicide in 1998.

The fate of these concerts and that of the world tour, which is set to travel to North America and Europe later this year, is in doubt at the moment.