Prince’s Secret Shows, New Site

To celebrate the launch of Prince’s new Web site, the Purple One is playing three secret shows at three different locations with three different bands in the Los Angeles area March 24.

The shows are so top secret, even Prince’s musicians don’t know all of the mysterious details, according to a press release.

The secret shows coincide with the new Website,, which goes live March 24.

Photo: AP Photo
Prince performs during the 10th annual Webby awards show in New York City.

The new site will feature digital downloads of Prince’s new studio albums LOtUSFLOW3r, MPLSoUND and Elixer, a collaboration with his new protégé Bria Valente. There will also be sneak peaks at upcoming events, exclusive information about private or secret shows, access to concert tickets, live concert footage, exclusive imagery from past albums and other exclusive photos.

All of this can be yours for an annual membership fee of $77 – a fee that also includes bragging rights that you’re in Prince’s ultra special club. Seems like a small price to pay to prove your fan devotion.

When the site launches it will feature a new music video from each of the three new albums – “Crimson and Clover” from LOtUSFLOW3r, “Chocolate Box” from MPLSoUND and “Everytime” from Elixer.

Fans can sign up on the existing beta version of the Web site for email updates. The beta sign currently features new tunes including “Colonized Mind” from LOtUSFLOW3r, “DiscoJellyfish” from MPLSoUND and “Another Boy” from Elixer.

Fans who join early will receive a “Founding Member” T-shirt.

A press release describes as an “interactive galaxy” in high-end 3-D style design that features three distinctly different worlds that express the different feel of Prince’s three new albums.

Interactive galaxy, huh? I don’t know exactly what that’s supposed to mean but it sounds hardcore. This is no ordinary web site, folks. This is a frackin’ galaxy! A galaxy that has three worlds in it! Whoa! And this isn’t your ordinary 3-D either – it’s high-end! Only the best for Prince.

The site was dreamed up by Prince and created by Scott Addison Clay and Anthony Malzone. It was a really a group effort that involved a creative domino effect of sorts.

One example is the track “DiscoJellyfish.” Prince wrote the music for the tune, which inspired Malzone to design graphics and artwork to match the song. After seeing the designs, Prince then continued writing the song.

Before Jay Leno says goodbye to his viewers, Prince will perform on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” an unprecedented three nights in a row March 25-27. Prince will be back again on Leno’s next to last show, May 28.

Click here to check out Prince’s new site.