The Continuing Adventures Of Amy Winehouse

Today we join our hero as she appears in a London courtroom to defend herself against an assault charge.

Photo: AP Photo
Arriving at the Westminster Magistrates Court in London.

Amy Winehouse’s most recent run-in with Britain’s judicial system stems from last fall when the singer was performing at the End of Summer Ball in London. It was on that fateful day in September when dancer Sherene Flash claims she approached the performer, asking to take her picture, but was rewarded with a punch to the head.

Today Winehouse pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault.

Winehouse arrived at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court accompanied by her father and a few thousand paps. As flashbulbs flashed and shutters clicked, Winehouse was quickly led into the courtroom. She pleaded not guilty, and left.

Today is just another chapter in the continuing trials and tribulations of Ms. Winehouse. Drug charges, assault charges, divorce proceedings filed by her imprisoned husband – we could spend all day describing her legal misfortunes.

Photo: AP Photo
The Brit singer is assisted as she leaves Westminster Magistrates Court in London.

Instead we’ll just say tune in tomorrow for the further adventures of Amy. And if she doesn’t do anything tomorrow there’s always the next day. This story is far from over.