Welcome To The Ziggo Dome

Mojo Concerts has announced its new 15,600-capacity hall in Amsterdam will be called the Ziggo Dome, after the Dutch cable company that will be providing sponsorship.

Mojo promoter Rob Trommelen said the new venue, which is expected to open late next year or early the following year, will mean the company has more options when planning a tour.

“It’s an alternative to the 11,000-capacity Rotterdam Ahoy, which is so busy that it’s hard to book, but also plugs a gap between the Ahoy and the 20,000-plus Gelredome in Arnhem,” he explained. “Just like Michael Jackson doing an extended run of shows in the O2 Arena, we feel there are a lot of major artists that could do the same here, if only we would have the proper venue available.

“I can see Dutch superstar Marco Borsato doing this at the Ziggo Dome, just as I expect many big international names to do well there.”

The funding for the building comes from Live Nation, Mojo chief exec Leon Ramakers’ investment company, sponsorship and other private investors.

The cost is projected at euro 60 million ($77.2 million) and the work is expected to start late spring.

It’s hoped the venue will stage 65 events in its first year, eventually expanding to 100 events that will attract up to 1 million visitors per year.