Our Top Five Most Excellent Stories Of The Week

Pollstar.com readers had a lot to choose from this week. From items about Bob Dylan’s outhouse to Ted Nugent reuniting with the Amboy Dukes to senior citizens reviewing Animal Collective, there was always something to talk about. Here are our top five reads of the week, as chosen by Pollstar.com users.

5. Limp Bizkit No Longer Scared Of Bullies
We didn’t realize how many Fred Durst fans are in the Pollstar.com audience. We posted this item early Friday morning and ten hours later it’s the fifth most popular read of the week. It’s about Durst saying he originally ended Limp Bizkit because he felt the band’s music acted as “fuel” to encourage bullies to, well, bully people. Durst also said he was bullied back in the day and was shoved into more than one high school locker. We always suspected as much.

Photo: Robb D. Cohen / Retna Ltd.
The Summer Sanitarium Tour hits Atlanta’s Turner Field where fans enjoy some Limp Bizkit with Fred Durst.

4. VH1’s Behind The Music Is Coming Back
When you consider practically every episode of this popular VH1 program included plenty of stories about rock stars’ experiences with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a mystery this program ever left the music channel’s schedule. Lil’ Wayne and Scott Weiland are supposedly on board to tell their sordid tales.

Photo: Jason Squires
Sprint Center, Kansas City, Mo.

3. A Pain In The Parking Lot
Huh? Parking fees attached to tickets even if you don’t drive? Parking rates based on how many people are in the car? It happens at some venues, and Pollstar.com’s Jim Otey wanted to know why.
Pollstar.com user astan51 writes:
“In the past you were given an option to buy parking at the venues not forced to. So if you don’t drive there, you take a cab, bus, or get dropped off why should you pay this junk. What’s next: restroom fees, concession fees, merch fees, clean air fees, and non-smoking fees on tickets? STOP THIS CRAP”

2. Have You Seen U2’s Stage?
The only reason we posted this item is because we thought it was cool that U2 had posted 3-D animation depicting the band’s stage for the upcoming 360° Tour. Little did we know this would end up in this week’s top 5. But not everybody was as impressed as we were.
Writes Pollstar.com user GeorgeDubya:
“I’m blown away by the stage set-up. Which is exactly what could happen if a strong enough wind comes up.”

1. Reznor Weighs In On TM / LN Merger
Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor posts an essay on his Web site expressing his feelings about the proposed Ticketmaster / Live Nation merger. One of the more articulate rockers today, Reznor takes the time to tell you how tour bookings and ticket sales work. It’s more than just one guy spouting off. It’s educational. Oh, and he hates ticket reselling, so if you ever meet him, you probably don’t want to mention you bought tickets for Nine Inch Nails through StubHub.

Photo: AP Photo / Citizens Voice
But Trent Reznor’s howl is still in full effect when Nine Inch Nails plays the Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza, in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

That’s our top five of the week.  Have a great weekend and make sure to catch some live music. See ya Monday!