Lawrence and his crew were in the midst of a 36-hour trip with road manager Chuck Pursel spelling the driver at the wheel when the blowout occurred. The bus traveled down an embankment, over the median, tipped onto two wheels, and bounced into oncoming traffic.

According to accounts, Pursel had two choices – either collide with oncoming vehicles or tip the bus. The road manager opted for tipping the bus, but ended up regaining control by turning the wheel hard to the right, causing the bus to safely come to a complete stop in the center of the median.

Surprisingly, the damage to the bus was light. Other than the blown tire, which was replaced on the spot, the front of the bus and the vehicle’s undercarriage suffered only minor damage. All involved arrived home safely the following day.

But Lawrence isn’t blaming raw luck on Sunday’s incident not turning into a full-fledged freeway catastrophe. Instead, the country star credits the big guy upstairs:

“By divine intervention, we were at the right place at the right time for a serious incident like this to happen and have everyone walk away unscathed.”