Saying they want to give charitable causes a lift while deterring ticket scalping, The Dead’s Bob Weir has announced that the band held back some of the best seats for their upcoming tour. It’s all happening at

Proceeds will benefit several charities, many of which have been associated with The Dead in the past, including the band’s own Rex Foundation as well as the Furthur Foundation, which supports environmental and social causes. The Unbroken Chain Foundation, which supports community service projects; and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which promotes ocean and marine life causes, are also on the list.

“Needless to say, like any charity theses days, their revenues are down right now. They’re hurting,” Weir said. “We want to do what we can to keep these folks up and running and in business.”

Weir also said he hoped the ticket auctions would raise at least $250,000.

What’s on the block? How about a couple of third-row seats for the April 12 opening night show in Greensboro, N.C.? Or what about third-row seats for the April 14 date at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.? The bidding for ticket packages start at $250, with VIP perks, including front row seats, starting at $500.

In order to frustrate scalpers, successful bidders won’t be able to pick up their tickets until the day of the performance.

The auction is going on now, so figure out how much you can afford (or borrow), and head to before these tickets are going, going, gone.

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