According to AP:

The Grammy winner was masturbating in view of other passengers Thursday, prompting the plane’s captain to radio the Miami International Airport’s air traffic control tower, the police report said.

Miami-Dade police officers reportedly questioned the Grammy winner about accusations he attempted to join the mile-high club as a solo member, but did not arrest him.

According to AP, because the plane was in U.S. airspace, the FBI is also investigating the alleged act of hand-to-gland combat.

Police say a passenger sitting next to Crespo reported the singer covered himself with a blanket and began his one-man journey to self-absorbed bliss shortly after the plane departed Houston. The passenger claims Crespo also exposed himself.

Apparently, several other passengers allegedly witnessed Crespo shaking hands with the unemployed, causing the pilot to radio the Miami International control tower.

But it’s what Crespo reportedly told police in response to their questions that really caught our eye. After all, he could have denied the allegation, or he could have copped to having a manly moment.

Instead, Crespo supposedly told police, “I don’t recall doing that.”

There are plenty of things one might not remember about a flight. The pilot’s name, the brand of peanuts served or the advertisements in those in-flight magazines are just a few examples of what might disappear down the memory hole once you’ve moved past baggage claim.

But failing to remember whether you took advantage of yourself? We don’t think so. Unless you do it a lot. Or it just wasn’t that memorable.

Maybe he should just blame it on jetlag.