Good Day To Go To Jail

T.I. and his federal weapons jail sentence and Phil Spector and his murder re-trial aren’t the only music celebs in the news this week for legal matters. There’s also Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Suge Knight, Akon and R&B singer Wayna.

Let’s start off with a feud between Akon’s producer, Detail, and Suge Knight because this story is just totally wacky. TMZ is reporting that five men with guns broke into a home where Detail was sleeping on Wednesday around 3 a.m.

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102.7 KIIS-FM Jingle Ball, Honda Center, Anaheim, Calif.

The homeowner, Christopher Walker, told the tabloid that the five guys claimed Detail owed Suge money – and that they intended to do the dirty work and collect the debt.

The guys went into a bedroom where Detail was sleeping and stole $170,000 worth of jewelry. That’s some serious bling. They didn’t stop there, threatening to kill all four people in the house if they didn’t get a key to the safe.

The guys ending up taking the 130-pound safe with them, according to TMZ.

The robbers also helped themselves to stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes. Walker said the five guys took $200,000 worth of loot total and a police source estimated it was worth $300,000.

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Death Row founder Suge Knight in August 2008.

Apparently back in February, Suge had his face punched in by someone claiming to be Akon’s business manager in an event related to the alleged debt, according to TMZ.

Although Britney Spears’ name was in the papers for an arrest, this time around Brit-Brit has been minding her Ps and Qs. Instead, two people who worked for a company working for Spears were the perps in trouble.

Police found road crew worker Rockey Lee Dickey Jr. hitting another man on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh early March 26. When police tried to intervene, Dickey swung at one of the officers. Another worker, Alex Montes, put one of the officers in a headlock.

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Bambi 2008 media awards, Offenburg, Germany.

The men were held in jail on assault and public drunkenness charges. The alleged victim was taken to a hospital for facial injuries.

Spears’ Web site posted a statement saying the men didn’t work directly for the singer or her tour but for a company that was contracted to provide road crew service.

“The two individuals have since been dismissed by their employer. The … tour does not support or tolerate this type of behavior,” the statement said.

R&B singer Wayna was arrested at a Houston airport Wednesday after security guards found a 24-inch collapsible police baton in her carry-on bag.

She was transported to the Houston jail and posted $5000 bail. The 35-year-old singer had a very good explanation – her song “Billy Club” is a ballad about police abuse and she twirls the baton when performing the tune live.

Wayna was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon Wednesday but the third-degree felony was dropped two days later.

To wrap up all this musician madness, Courtney Love was slammed with a libel and breach of contract lawsuit Thursday by a fashion designer.

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Hiro Ballroom, New York City.

Dawn Simorangkir, also known as Boudoir Queen, sued Love because of what she calls several “menacing and disturbing” statements on the singer’s Twitter and MySpace pages, as well as comments left on the designer’s site.

The suit claims Love called Simorangkir a “nasty lying hosebag thief” and accused her of being a drug addict and a prostitute. The designer also says Love never paid her for work done.

And that’s all folks. Have a great weekend and keep your noses clean.

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