Midi Saga Continues

Beijing Midi, China’s biggest rock festival, will be augmented with a Shanghai version in May, The Shanghaiist blog reported.

The Beijing Midi School, which holds the festival, told the Shanghaiist the festival will take place in Shanghai May 1-2 “on three indoor and outdoor stages at Red Town, Shanghai Sculpture Space.”

Last year’s Beijing Midi was postponed from May to October because of the Beijing Summer Olympics, and rumors have been circulating for at least a year that Shanghai would get its own version.

The Shanghaiist also reported that sources in another Chinese city, Zhenjiang, said that their town would also host a Midi Festival. But the blog is taking that news with a grain of salt because those sources relayed their information via Facebook.

In fact, they are taking the Shanghai possibility with a grain of salt, too, as it’s common for people “associated with Midi” to make announcements that something will happen only to have that something canceled.

In an almost immediate update to the Shanghaiist post, another source claimed that Shanghai Midi had already been canceled due to “permit issues.”