First up is “Adventureland,” a new film by director Greg Mottola.

“Adventureland,” which opens in theatres Friday, is directed by Mottola, who helmed last year’s hit coming-of-age comedy “Superbad.” This time, Mottola (who also wrote the script) portrays the awkwardness of his post-college 20s, pulling from his experience working at a Long Island amusement park for a summer.

And to him, the ’80s weren’t just Warrant and Wham!

“I wore T-shirts and jeans most days in the 1980s,” Mottola, 44, said. “I wasn’t saying ‘What did Emilio Estevez wear in “St. Elmo’s Fire?” I’d like to dress like that.’”

The film is stuffed to the hilt with tunes, boasting a pulsating soundtrack of The Replacements, Lou Reed, Big Star, The Cure, Husker Du, the New York Dolls and others (the acclaimed indie band Yo La Tengo, formed in 1984 and still active, fills in the score.)

That’s a very good point, the ’80s was a decade with something for everyone. For every Milli Vanilli there was a My Bloody Valentine. For every EBN-OZN there was an Echo & the Bunnymen.

Here’s the trailer for “Adventureland.”

But not everyone was into MTV pop bands or indie acts. Fear not fans of Top 40 rock, the current revival of all things ’80s has a treat in store for you too (although you may find yourself sitting somewhere you never thought you’d be – in a Broadway theatre).

As much as “Adventureland” is an intimate story filled with personal music, “Rock of Ages,” which stars former “American Idol” contestant Constantine Maroulis, is for the crowd. The musical, which officially opens April 7 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, is a raucous celebration of ’80s hair bands.

(Before you unleash your venom over the phrase “hair band,” please note I purposely avoided using that term myself.)

Ushers hand out fake lighters to hold up during power ballads, while waitresses ask patrons “Are you ready to rock?” before show time.

With an on-stage house band, “Rock of Ages” stitches together numbers of arena bombast from groups like Journey, Poison, Whitesnake, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Quiet Riot and Bon Jovi. It’s being promoted as a musical that will do for ’80s rock what “Mama Mia!” did for ABBA.

To be honest, that actually sounds like a lot of fun, no matter what kind of cockeyed plot they’ve cooked up to tie it all together. (I’m not sure I’d market it by comparing it to “Mama Mia” though.)

The show’s creator says the decade’s music is worth a second look.

“This whole era gets pushed to the side as incidental and trite and silly,” said Chris D’Arienzo, who wrote the musical’s book. “It’s only not respected by the critics.”

Without a trace of seriousness, “Rock of Ages” exults the trashiness of the period’s bleached blond hair, wine coolers, gratuitous sax solos, leather pants, jean jackets and fog machines.

(Heck, you can still see most of those things any given Saturday night here in sunny Fresno, Calif., where Pollstar headquarters are located.)

Don’t fret if you don’t see yourself making a trek to NYC to see the show, D’Arienzo is currently working on a film adaptation of the musical for New Line Cinema.

Here are some highlights of the show to whet your appetite. (There are 15 clips. Be sure to check them all out.)

So there you have it. The ’80s seems to have been a time that was all things to all people. And in the end, it doesn’t matter whether you were a fan of A Flock of Seagulls, R.E.M. or Van Halen; What you remember about the music of the ’80s says way more about you than it does about the decade.

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