Pop Star Vidal Busted

Hong Kong pop star Jill Vidal was arrested in late February for possession of heroin while in Tokyo for a series of concerts.

Originally, the singer and another HK pop star, Kelvin Kwan, were held on suspicion of carrying cannabis after an incident in a Tokyo shopping center.
Shopkeepers called police saying that a “foreign man” was shoplifting.

Officers stopped Kwan and reportedly found cannabis in a pack of cigarettes on him. Both he and Vidal were taken into custody.

Later, Vidal’s hotel room was searched and police say they found a number of heroin packets.

Kwan, who carries a Canadian passport, was eventually released with all of his charges dropped.

However, Vidal, who is also known by the name Wei Si, remains in custody.

According to her Hong Kong record company, she will face trial in Japan, as the amount of heroin allegedly found in her hotel room was sufficient for Japanese authorities to press drug trafficking charges.

However, some Hong Kong media reports have said that the amount of heroin found was “very small.”

Just before their tour of Japan, Vidal and Kwan took part in a youth anti-drug campaign in Hong Kong.