Gambling’s Glimmer

Gaming revenues are said to be dropping throughout the U.S. in response to the general economic downturn, but one gambling demographic is thriving – resident Asians.

Two Northeast casinos, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, are reporting healthy attendance by Asians, according to the Norwich Bulletin.

The two casino complexes cater specifically to this demographic with retail, culinary and entertainment amenities.

Big shows featuring Chinese superstars like Jay Chau and Ethan Chan sell out the Mohegan Sun Arena and the Fox and MGM Grand theaters at Foxwoods. The Mohegan Sun hosted the New York Chinese Beauty Pageant in August, which was broadcast live in China.

The Mohegan Sun has a separate bus area that accommodates more than 50 buses Asian tour groups per day, and the casino also supplies interpreters who can speak multiple dialects.

The shops also carry specialty Asian foods, like figs and special Chinese candies. Though the Chinese market is supreme, the two casinos also gear their efforts toward Vietnamese and Korean guests. Mohegan’s guests come mostly from Boston and, to a lesser extent, from Washington and Philadelphia.

Of course, the largest Asian community is in New York, which means the two casinos would have to compete with those in Atlantic City.

Analysts interviewed by Norwich say the recession doesn’t affect Asians that much because there is such limited entertainment for them in the U.S.