PRS Hands Out £117M

While its talks with Google over the blocking of YouTube appear to be a long way from a satisfactory conclusion, PRS For Music could be pleased to get some positive publicity from the announcement that its Q1 payout will be a record £117 million ($170.4 million).

The bumper handout, which may temporarily keep Google’s decision to block premium video content on its U.K. service out of the headlines, was a result of analysing 19.7 million performances of music and working out that 743,000 individual pieces were due a royalty.

PRS for Music says in the three months ending March 31, U.K. royalties accounted for 65 percent of the current distribution, with 35 percent coming from international markets, notably the US, Germany and France. The organisation collects and distributes royalties for songwriters and composers.

The organisation also reports what could be called “the Lily Allen effect,” since 2006 – when she first hit the charts. The number of new female members joining PRS for Music has jumped 20 percent.

The PRS For Music Annual General Meeting is at its Berners Street, London, offices April 30.

The AGM will include a keynote by Lord Carter, minister for communications, technology and broadcasting.