Alejandra Guzman, Alejandro Fernandez, The Rasmus, Joan Sebastian and Los Lobos are some of the artists that have canceled or postponed shows between April 24 and May, according to Ticketmaster. The same goes for Marco Antonio Solis, Pepe Aguilar and Yuri Numerado.

It is not known which performances, if any, were canceled or postponed because of the flu outbreak, although it would be likely that many upcoming events would be either poorly attended or shut down by the government.

Joan Sebastian was expected to perform at the Palenque Sol Aguascalientes May 7. Pepe Aguilar was expected to play at the same venue May 8. Los Lobos had gigs at Teatro del Centro Libanes through May 3.

All schools in Mexico have been suspended until May 6. In Mexico City, surgical masks have been given to the public, venues have been closed and public events canceled.