Watchdog Sends Iggy Undercover

The Swiftcover insurance commercial featuring Iggy Pop has been taken off TV because the U.K.’s advertising watchdog says it’s misleading.

The Advertising Standards Authority says the commercial implies that the veteran singer with a reputation for wildness had a policy with Swiftcover, although the company didn’t cover musicians at the time.

Swiftcover has since started to offer policies to musicians, and Iggy will continue to endorse the company.

However, having received 12 complaints from viewers, the ASA has ruled the TV advert can’t be shown in its current form.

The ad shows Iggy claiming to have insurance coverage with the company, which upset the ASA because it could lead some viewers to “believe the policy covered those who worked in entertainment, when it did not.” The ASA also stated that Iggy Pop did not hold a policy with the company.

Swiftcover says it chose the rock star for the campaign, not because of his profession, but for his reputation for a fast-living lifestyle.

The company also says it’s now become one of the few insurers to offer policies to performers in the music industry.