One Phishy Lawsuit

A lawsuit claiming Live Nation, Phish bassist Michael Gordon and others misappropriated confidential business and trade secrets in developing the promoter’s InstantLive program was tossed by a New York district court judge April 27.

Amy Gurvey filed the antitrust action March 4. In it, she alleged that attorney Susan Schick passed along confidential trade secrets from Gurvey’s patent filings to Clear Channel Communications (then Live Nation’s parent company) via Gordon. Gurvey and CCC were both clients of the firm at the time.

According to court documents, Schick learned of Gurvey’s “ConcertMaster” business plan and revealed details of it to Gordon, with whom she was living at the time.

Gordon, it was alleged, then passed along the information to Clear Channel, which used the information to develop InstantLive.

Clear as mud? Apparently the judge thought so, too, and the case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.