On Monday the band posted a MySpace blog titled “DESCRIBE THE NEW FIERY FURNACES’ ALBUM–WITHOUT HAVING HEARD IT!”

The post asked fans, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how Fiery Furnaces’ fans would describe the new Fiery Furnaces’ album–without having heard it?”

The only clues fans have is the album’s track list, which was noted on the band’s record label’s Web site, ThrillJockey.com. Song titles include “I’m Going Away,” “Drive To Dallas,” “The End is Near,” “Charmaine Champagne,” “Cut The Cake,” “Even In The Rain,” “Staring At The Steeple,” “Ray Bouvier,” “Keep Me In Dark,” “Lost At Sea,” “Cups and Punches” and “Take Me Round Again.”

Fans are encouraged to send reviews of I’m Going Away, which is set for release in North America July 21, to [email protected].

On Tuesday The Fiery Furnaces wrote another MySpace post explaining that the reviews, or as the band calls them, “deaf descriptions,” will be remixed into an album.

“The Deaf Descriptions will be remixed into a ‘complete’ fan-made, word-only, entirely-unrelated, alternate version of I’m Going Away. It will also be released on July 21st. It could be called Exclusively-Acolyte, Altered-Otherwise, Hypo-Audio, I’m Going Away,” the band wrote.

Whoa. So, the band is going to turn fans’ random, Mumbo Jumbo nonsense into another album? I think my brain just exploded.

Oh, one more thing. Yesterday the Fiery Furnaces posted another MySpace blog in regards to their wacky project (those guys are on a roll!). The band wanted to point out to its international fans that the “deaf descriptions” don’t have to be in English.

“If you are not a native speaker of English, please don’t hesitate to send us a ‘Deaf Description’ in your native language! We would be honored if you helped make us a party to the progress of international understanding through mutual mostly-incomprehension!”

Check out The Fiery Furnaces’ MySpace page here.