Since last year New Kids On The Block have been proving F. Scott Fitzgerald wrong.  There are second acts in life, as the former teen idols have shown with sold out shows filled with women reliving their teen years when NKOTB were at the top of the pops.

Today some of those ladies are living their ultimate teen dream – a three-day cruise on the Caribbean with Danny, Joey, Donnie, Jordan and Jonathan.

The good ship Carnival Imagination departed Miami today. According to Carnival spokeswoman Cherie Weinstein, about 2,100 people – mostly women in their 20s and 30s – are onboard to party down with their favorite idols.

Weinstein also mentioned the New Kids cruise sold out faster than most Carnival cruises. And that got us to thinking. Who would you like to spend three days on a cruise ship with?

Come on, don’t be shy. Three days on a ship with your favorite music artist? The mind boggles. Would Keith Richards stagger more on sea than he does on land? Is there enough tequila and rum in the world to keep Jimmy Buffett and his fans properly lubricated for an ocean voyage? And what about a Marilyn Manson cruise? Could be interesting if the ship’s planned routing includes the Bermuda Triangle.

So think it over and drop your remarks in the comment thread below. Bon voyage!