Kanye Pleads Not Guilty

Kanye West pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of vandalism, battery and grand theft in regards to a run-in with paparazzi last September.

The rapper didn’t show up in court but entered the plea through his attorney on Friday, according to Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman Nick Velasquez.

The incident in question went down Sept. 11 at Los Angeles International Airport. Apparently Kanye wasn’t in the mood to smile and wave for his adoring public because he was caught on videotape breaking the flash of a paparazzo’s camera.

Photo: AP Photo
Levis/Fader Fort, SXSW, Austin, Texas

Wonder what his deal was. Did he have a bad flight? Did the flight attendant forget to give him his snack? Did he regret wearing his hoodie to the airport and wish he would have been more camera-ready? This is just shocking behavior from such a calm and collected young man. As you can tell from his poignant blog entries, he’s not one to get his feathers ruffled.

Kanye’s road manager, Dan Crawley, had his back and teamed up on the paparazzi by breaking the camera and then accosting a videographer from TMZ.

If convicted, Kanye could face up to two-and-a-half years in jail. Crawley is looking at up to five years in jail after being hit with six misdemeanor charges – two counts apiece of battery, vandalism and grand theft.

Kanye’s case returns to court for a scheduled hearing July 15.

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