Kajagoogoo sound familiar but you can’t exactly place them? Two words – “Too Shy,” the band’s 1983 U.K. number one hit.

Before the September tour kicks off, the band will play the Pacific Road Art Theatre in Birkenhead, England, this Saturday, followed by free concerts June 5 in Leipzig, Germany and Aug. 23 at Market Square in Aylesbury, England.

The tour begins Sept. 17 at O2 Academy in Liverpool, England and concludes Oct. 1 at The Brook in Southampton, England.

Additional stops include The Ferry in Glasgow, Scotland (Sept. 18), Ulster Hall in Belfast, Ireland (Sept. 20), The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, England (Sept. 26) and Sin City in Swansea, Wales (Sept. 27).

The original line-up of Kajagoogoo briefly tried to work things out in 2004, reforming for VH1’s “Bands Reunited” show.

So why is now a good time to give things another chance?

Singer Limahl, 50, whose real name is Christopher Hamill, told the BBC News it had “taken 25 years [for the band] to grow up.”

Hamill left the band shortly after “Too Shy” hit it big, leaving bass guitarist Nick Beggs to take over as lead singer.

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