Pollstar Readers Say The Darndest Things

Our panel of expert judges toiled long into the night to choose the top seven entries in our Prodigy contest. There was lots of shouting, some crying and a few flying objects, but we finally managed to agree on the winners.

First, a big thank you to everyone who entered. The entire Pollstar staff had a blast reading entries as they came in. You guys are pretty funny when you put your minds to it.

So here, without further delay, are the winning captions in no particular order.

First up is astan51 who entered multiple times, but earned a prize for this topical entry: “Why are you getting upset? I just said that I knew Adam was going to win Idol this year?”

Next is IncredibleFred, who honed in on Keith’s slightly dazed appearance with: “Hey Mate! Whaddya think of me Ozzie impersonation?”

Dr.FeeLGooD focused on Maxim with: “Maxim tried to remain unnerved after his hardest open hand slap left Keith unharmed.”

Marlas_glass_slipper turned to the band’s catalog for this winning entry: “I’m the fire starter.” “Your mom’s the fire starter.”

Moovemkr was also a multiple entrant, but scored by buttering up the judges a little: “Hey, let’s pretend to get in a fight on stage. I bet we get our picture on Pollstar.com.”

Johnny Suede was a hit with the cartoon geeks around the office with his winning entry: “WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!!!”

And last, but by no means least, is DJ Krassy, who went the extra mile to create what was by far our favorite entry. See for yourself.

Photo: John Davisson
DJ Krassy rocks!

All seven winners will be receiving an email shortly with details about collecting their CDs and tickets for The Prodigy’s May 26 show at The Grove of Anaheim near Los Angeles.

That was fun, let’s do it again!