Actually, it wasn’t the name that kept Pestilence out of the U.S., which, in turn, kept the group from performing at the . It was paperwork that did the trick. Or, more to the point, failed to do the trick.

Seems that upon arriving in the U.S. one day before DeathFest, band members Patrick Mameli and Patrick Uterwyck discovered their paperwork was not properly completed to get the required visas. Both members filed paperwork needed for performing in the United States while still in the Netherlands, and thought materials they received in return for the filing included the visas.

“We are extremely sad and disappointed not being able to perform on the MDF,” said Mameli in a statement. “Not having received the proper information on our visa application, we were under the impression that what we received from the securing visas and working permits office was the actual working permits. We were kept under custody by the border security police for 4 hours trying to do everything in our power to let us pass, but all our efforts failed. They sent us home on the next plane. Hopefully we will be given another chance to perform for you, our fans!”

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