Susan Boyle: *#@! Metal Queen?

“Britain’s Got Talent” contestant and YouTube sensation Susan Boyle has made her way into the headlines again – but this time it’s not just for her singing voice.

A spokesperson for “BGT” told the Associated Press the singer was pushed to less than angelic behavior during a run in with a pair of journalists at the Wembley Plaza Hotel on May 27.

Apart from confirming the reporters were removed from the building by police after harassing Boyle, the spokesperson offered no further details.

The statement was in response to a story in British tabloid The Sun that the singer delivered an expletive-laced rant in front of “BGT” fans and contestants.

Photo: AP Photo

In other (and much more bizarre) Susan Boyle news, Moby told Entertainment Weekly that if he worked with her he’d want to make “an album of Pantera covers.”

You know, that’s really not as insane as it sounds at first. Lots of metal has an operatic quality to it. So does Moby’s music. And lord knows Boyle has the chops to wail like the best of ’em.

Moby’s statement (which admittedly was probably a joke) came in response to a question from EW about the follow up to his latest release, Wait for Me, which EW describes as a “mostly subdued set.”

So why would Moby want to thrash with Boyle? Just because.

“The old situationist punk-rocker in me loves the idea of being in the system and f***ing with it.”

Read Entertainment Weekly’s complete interview with Moby about Wait for Me here.