Rockin’ In The Shoe World

Want to walk in AC/DC’s shoes? How about a few miles in Metallica’s sneakers? You can, with new footwear from Converse.

Converse has unveiled a unique collection of Chuck Taylor All Star shoe designs inspired by AC/DC and Metallica, giving you the opportunity to walk like a rock star.

Converse says the AC/DC Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are the “foundation of the collection,” and are available in black, black/multi, red/white and black AC/DC print canvas editions and are based on the band’s albums and concert graphics.

Photo: Converse
The "foundation of the collection."

For example, there’s a black high top reminiscent of the band’s Highway to Hell album cover art, and a red shoe featuring the words “Lock up your daughters” along the side bumper.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranges from $50 to $80 and the shoes will begin appearing online and in brick-and-mortar stores this month.

Metallica Chuck Taylor All Star high tops are available in black/multi, which features the band’s Ride The Lightning album graphics, and a white/black number featuring the band’s logo on the tongue along with some nifty skeleton is sure to remind you of the band’s Reload days. MSRP is $50 and the shoes will arrive in stores next month.

Photo: Converse

We can almost hear it now – that is, rumblings that AC/DC and Metallica have sold out because each band has done a deal with Converse. But hey, rock bands have to eat too, and there’s no reason either band should stake their financial security on an ever-shrinking CD consumer market.

Besides, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star shoe line is the most successful athletic shoe since, well, somebody started tracking sneaker success stories. If you wanna walk like a rock star, the Chuck Taylor All Star AC/DC and Metallica shoes should work out fine for taking that first step.