Melbourne Push For AC/DC Honour

AC/DC’s first day sales in Melbourne on the band’s February 2010 tour – 115,000 tickets in 45 minutes – spurred a push by fans for the city of Melbourne to present them with the key to the city.

AC/DC formed in Sydney, but lived in Melbourne while writing their first three albums.

Melbourne is home to ACDC Lane.

The tour, produced by Garry Van Egmond and Chugg Entertainment, sold 500,000 tickets on its first day and set a new record downunder.

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young missed out on appearing in the Business Review Weekly list of the 200 richest Australians. His fortune was estimated at a mere $125 million.

The Bee Gees would qualify – their combined fortune being $224 million, according to England’s The Sunday Times – but the brothers are not considered Australians, despite starting their careers here.

Born in the U.K., they remained Brit citizens and have lived in Florida for the past 30 years.