Susan Boyle Leaves Clinic

Susan Boyle’s brother confirmed she has left London’s Priory clinic, where she was being treated for exhaustion following her second place finish in “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Boyle, a 48-year-old dowdy, unemployed Scot, quickly became a household name with her “Britain’s Got Talent” audition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical “Les Miserables.” Her rendition wowed judges and won supporters across the world, with the performance downloaded on the Internet nearly 200 million times, according to Reuters.

Boyle was expected to win this year’s edition of the popular British show but on Saturday’s shocking finale, the prize went to 10-piece dance group Diversity. After graciously congratulating the winners, she is accused of shouting, “I hate this show” backstage and throwing a glass of water on a staff member who tried to calm her down.

On Sunday Boyle was admitted to the clinic because she was emotionally drained and exhausted. The media attention had forced the singer to break into tears regularly and consider quitting the show before the finale.

Her brother said Boyle, who was starved of oxygen at birth leading to minor brain damage, is now doing better.

“She’s much happier,” her brother Gerry Boyle told GMTV.

“She seems a lot more like herself. I think things are becoming clearer now and she’s much more content. I believe she’s in the middle of London, in a flat in London.”

Photo: AP Photo
Her golden voice has made her the overwhelming favorite in "Britain’s Got Talent" finals on Saturday May 30. 2009

Boyle is expected to sign a record deal with “Britian’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell and his Syco label.

“The way forward now is to talk about where her career goes from here,” Gerry told GMTV.

“She’s absorbing the fact that America has a huge appetite for her and she’s now beginning to believe that yes, indeed, I will be a singer and there will be a recording career beyond it. It’s all she ever wanted to do.

“Simon Cowell — he’s been around the dance floor a few times hasn’t he? I’m sure that he knows that he’s got someone who has broken down the barriers in America before she even gets there and I’m sure Simon will do a good job for her.”

Reuters noted that there been rumors of a Hollywood movie based on Boyle’s life.

Although she missed out on the opportunity to sing for the Queen (the BGT winner receives 100,000 pounds and performs at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen), Boyle’s brother said she is expected to show off her pipes in front of U.S. President Barack Obama.

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