“It was a pretty resounding message from the fans: ‘Make it cheaper for us to see a concert and we’ll come,’” Live Nation chief exec of global music Jason Garner said. “So we’re responding to it this week by taking it to the next step.”

The company also announced it will lift the cap on the number of seats available and, in an apparent response to complaints from fans north of the border who were excluded from last week’s fee holiday, extended the promotion to include its Canadian amphitheatres.

The inclusion of reserved seats is good news for those who prefer to actually see bands like Aerosmith, No Doubt, Depeche Mode, Dave Matthews Band and Nine Inch Nails performing at an outdoor shed instead of just hearing them or watching the show on video screens.

Of course, fans need to keep in mind that the program only applies to ticket service fees and not to parking fees, facility fees and taxes – a fact that took many by surprise when they went to check out at LiveNation.com last week.

Still, with the average lawn seat running $62.04 and the average service charge clocking in at $14.40, fee free Wednesday means more money for beer and nachos. And what’s bad about that?