The former bassist for Nirvana has ended his protest campaign in Washington state.

Krist Novoselic was running for the county clerk position in Wahkiakum County as a member of the Grange Party. Just one thing, though. There’s no such thing as the Grange Party.

Novoselic filed his candidacy to protest the state’s Initiative 872 that allows a person to list a private group as their political party. In this case, Grange is an organization of American farmers Novoselic belongs to and is not a political entity, say, in the same league as Republican, Democratic or Libertarian parties.

Photo: AP Photo

“I listed ‘refers Grange Party’ in this partisan race,” Novoselic told The Daily World in an e-mail earlier this month. “Of course there is no such thing as a Grange Party. Before I-872 was implemented in Washington, it would have been illegal to list Grange, or American Legion, Eagles, Boy Scouts or whatever next to a candidate’s name on the public ballot. The way I-872 is implemented is confusing voters.”

Evidently, Novoselic feels his point has been made. Writing in his Seattle Weekly blog on Friday, the bassist stated his point, adding, “Let parties nominate their own candidates.”

“The worst thing you can call me is a crusader. I’m not a crusader, I’m just trying to make a point,” Novoselic wrote. “And I think I made it crystal clear: It’s wrong for me to drag a private association unwittingly onto the public ballot.”

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