Rihanna Sued By Neighbor

Ever get so fed up with one of your neighbors you’re tempted to sue them for having loud parties, crying babies or just being generally annoying? Rihanna must have finally hit a nerve with one of her neighbors because she was served with a lawsuit yesterday for a couple of her alleged irritating habits.

The 21-year-old pop singer was sued along with her landlord Stephen Yacobian, who owns the house she rents in Los Angeles, by a neighbor named Christian Moeller.

What’s Moeller’s problem? He’s bugged because he claims there are cars routinely parked or waiting on his property – including cars used by Rihanna.

He also claims there’s a camera installed at Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home that points onto his property.

Photo: AP Photo
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Moeller is seeking unspecified damages for trespass, invasion of privacy and other claims.

Yacobian says the lawsuit is “without merit.”

Next Monday Rihanna is expected to make an appearance at Chris Brown’s preliminary hearing as a possible witness in his assault case.

Brown’s lawyer had asked the California Supreme Court to delay the hearing but the request was denied today.

The R&B singer was arrested Feb. 8 for allegedly beating up then-girlfriend Rihanna during an argument while driving home from Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards party.

Brown pleaded not guilty to two felonies – assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury and making criminal threats.

The preliminary hearing will determine if there’s another evidence to continue a case against Brown.

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